Moving Texas Forward

Texas has experienced significant failures in leadership in 2021 due to the lack of action from our elected representatives. The dangers of continued one (republican) party rule over the state could not be more clear: Failures like not listening to medical professionals and getting ahead of the COVID-19 crisis. Or, failing to heed decades worth of warnings from energy experts about our electrical grid's inevitable failures to meet high demands during both, a winter storm, as well as in summer heat. Or, Instead of passing medicaid expansion, which would give millions of uninsured and underinsured Texans access to healthcare, they decide to restrict women's rights to reproductive healthcare.  They continue to pretend to "back the blue", while allowing open carry of guns, with no training whatsoever, despite our police forces across the state pleading with the legislature to not pass the bill. These laws reflect the continued failure of the Republican Party of Texas to address real problems and as a result, they make our communities less safe.

One thing 2021 has made clear is that Texans are paying the price for these political games and failed Republican policies. We need new leadership that will address the issues that hit us at home, like healthcare, COVID-19 recovery for both, citizens and small businesses, as well as the significant infrastructure challenges we face. Instead, our current elected representatives continue down a path of risky decisions, putting our lives and livelihoods at risk.

In 2022, we can do better. Lorenzo Sanchez has the heart of the community in mind and proved that as the 2021 Democratic Nominee. Now, he is asking for your support to Move Texas Forward and finish the job in 2022.
Lorenzo Sanchez will lead with integrity and with average Texans in mind. Vote for Lorenzo Sanchez for Texas Representative and join us!