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For 10 consecutive years, Texas has had the highest percentage of uninsured people in the nation. Many Texans who do have insurance are just one serious diagnosis away from bankruptcy due to exorbitant healthcare costs.

I take this issue seriously. When my mother had breast cancer, I witnessed firsthand the impact that a lack of insurance and limited financial means can have on a patient and a family. No one should have to go through that, but because our elected officials put their political careers over the well-being of their constituents, folks across HD 67 and Texas are living without adequate access to health care.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Work to immediately expand Medicaid
  • Advocate for comprehensive and flexible coverage without high out-of-pocket costs
  • Protect access in rural communities and for military families and veterans
  • Lower prescription drug costs and end price gouging
  • Expand healthcare options – including mental health facilities – within our communities by working with local leaders and medical providers
  • Fight to provide healthcare security to all Texans through a single-payer system
  • Significantly lower healthcare costs for families and small businesses




All our futures depend on the education we offer to Texas students, which is why we must ensure that Texas properly funds schools, supports teachers, and protects equal access to education for all students. The education bill sponsored by the incumbent, which was allegedly supposed to fix school finance, didn’t go far enough to support our students and didn’t give teachers and school employees a sustainable raise.

As your legislator, I’ll prioritize education so our communities can thrive for generations to come rather than putting my political career ahead of the needs of our students and teachers.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Encourage curricula that focuses on critical thinking and comprehension rather than merely teaching to tests – like the STAAR test, which offers little value to our students’ overall learning experience
  • Reduce class sizes to allow for greater individualized learning
  • Ensure student access to counselors trained to address mental and emotional needs
  • Provide permanent funding to increase teacher wages and retirement pension plans
  • Increase state contributions toward educators’ health insurance programs and lower their premiums


Economic Prosperity

In the last decade, Collin County has experienced an economic boom that’s drawn many people and businesses to the area. This economic prosperity is certainly positive, but too many residents see the economic growth happening around them but don’t get to experience its benefits. This financial divide has never been more evident than during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a crushing impact on our community and the economic recovery for many Texans and small businesses. The inaction of the incumbent and his fellow Republicans has proved they don’t care about our health or our financial well-being. 

It’s time for Texas Legislators that prioritize economic growth and financial independence for all.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Staunchly support equal pay for equal work
  • Advocate for a $15/hour minimum wage
  • Push back on corporate tax incentives that place a higher burden on everyday people
  • Act swiftly to address threats to our prosperity
  • Fight to diversify our state’s revenue sources instead of primarily relying on the fossil fuel industry – a good move for our economy and our environment


Criminal Justice

Across the nation and especially in Texas, the criminal justice system is broken. Reform of our criminal justice system is long overdue. We need a more humane system that helps victims and reforms offenders rather than one that’s financially irresponsible and overly punitive.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Mandate a special prosecutor in all police misconduct cases
  • Support investment in and mandates for police de-escalation and diversity training
  • Abolish private prisons, cash bail, and mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses
  • Expand funding for prisoner education and humane facilities
  • Mandate training on communicating with people with disabilities and reduce the school-to-prison pipeline for individuals with disabilities
  • Call for the legalization of marijuana, direct tax income from marijuana to invest in communities most impacted by the war on drugs, and expunge the records of those convicted of nonviolent marijuana offenses
  • Abolish the death penalty


Black Lives Matter - Police Reform

Black Lives Matter

The murder of George Floyd and too many before him, and unfortunately, the many after, is a reminder of the systemic racism that pervades all elements of our society, including law enforcement. We want to do all we can to encourage honest conversations about race, police brutality, and the criminal justice system. We must work together under the unified message that Black Lives Matter.

On the state level, Democrats have proposed several reforms related to this issue over the years – reforms persistently ignored by Republicans for too long. We need reform discussions on all levels, from the local level – whether about police demilitarization or prioritizing public health and better community outreach – to more comprehensive information addressing the Texas criminal justice system.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Fully support the George Floyd Act recently introduced by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, which seeks to ban chokeholds and police excessive use of force
  • Advocate for suspension of officers who engage in racial profiling and other key provisions stripped from the original Sandra Bland Act
  • Remove qualified immunity so officers are held accountable for misconduct
  • Require that officers complete regular psychological exams and trauma-informed training
  • Bar arresting people for minor, non-violent violations
  • Appoint special prosecutors for officer-involved shootings
  • Require civilian boards to investigate officer misconduct and allow victims of misconduct to participate

#BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirName

#BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirName

Tamir Rice

Akai Gurley

Michael Brown

Eric Garner

Michael Lorenzo Dean

Eric Reason

Christopher McCorvey

Steven Day

Christopher Whitfield

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Jordan Michael Griffin

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Jimmie Montel Sanders

DeRicco Devante Holden

Mark Roshawn Adkins

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Roderick Ronall Taylor

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Alteria Woods

Sherida Davis

Chance David Baker

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Michael Eugene Wilson Jr.

Vernell Bing Jr.

Jessica Williams

Arthur R. Williams Jr.

Lionel Gibson

Charlin Charles

Kevin Hicks

Dominique Silva

Robert Dentmond

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Peter William Gaines

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Ahmaud Arbery

Breonna Taylor

George Floyd

Rayshard Brooks

Jacob Blake


Energy and Infrastructure

Energy & Infrastructure

Texas has broken several peak energy records in recent years. If we don’t better manage our resources, we may soon have continuous rolling blackouts on our hottest days. Here’s the good news: Texas is ranked #1 in wind energy. Since the late 90s, we’ve seen greater investment in wind power and transmission lines; however, under the 86th legislature (2019), the incentives responsible for so much growth in renewable energy have come under attack.

Texas could run almost entirely on renewable energy sources, which would significantly lower Texans’ energy costs while simultaneously reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment. Because energy directly relates to infrastructure – including how we get around and the efficiency of our buildings – Texas has an opportunity to lead in innovative ways in building our roads, investing in renewable energy, and encouraging smart-growth public transit options. 

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Protect Texas’ status as a giant in the energy sector while diversifying how our energy is produced and consumed
  • Expand our electricity portfolio by increasing wind and solar incentives and promoting energy-efficient practices
  • Continue expansion of our energy grid’s transmission lines
  • Allow wind and solar to remain competitive by fighting for the same tax incentives fossil fuels get
  • Promote a broader mix of solar and wind to prevent energy crises
  • Encourage efficiency in energy and building to create jobs, lower our carbon footprint, and improve air and water quality



In January 2017, an oil pipeline spill dumped about 15,000 barrels of crude oil in far north Collin County. In the decade leading up to that spill, the company that owns the pipeline had 210 incidents regarding their hazardous liquid pipeline systems recorded by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Still, they were allowed to continue operating across the country and right here in our own backyard. 

Between 2000 and 2010, Collin County’s population grew by 59%. By 2060, Texas’ population is expected to grow by 82%. If we don’t act soon to protect our already-strained water supply, half of Texans will lack sufficient water by 2060, and more than a million jobs could dissolve along with our water.

Our state faces many pressing environmental concerns. We have to protect our water, clean air, and our communities by taking preventive measures now and holding companies accountable for environmental infractions. 

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Work towards 100% renewable energy in Texas by 2030. 
  • Fight to require better fuel efficiency for cleaner air and reduce our oil dependency by investing in better mass transit
  • Advocate for legal rights for our ecological resources
  • Restore Texans' power over their environment by revitalizing our regulatory agencies
  • End tax exemptions for fossil fuel production facilities
  • Fund rural recycling programs
  • Prioritize Texans' health, not profits


Independent Redistricting

Right now, our politicians get to choose their voters instead of voters choosing their elected officials. This backward system is due to elected officials drawing district maps to benefit them and help them stay in power. This is especially troubling because we have one-party rule in Texas, so for decades, the maps have repeatedly been drawn to favor that party. The lack of competition this engenders has led to serious corruption.

We’re starting to see more Texas districts – including HD 67 – experience greater diversity and become home to more progressive residents. This will benefit Texas in the short term, but in the long term, we must examine how to take the power out of the politicians’ hands and seek a fairer approach at drawing district lines. Winning THIS race for HD 67 will ensure a more balanced redistricting process in 2021, so it’s important we succeed against the incumbent, who represents the party that’s unfairly created districts to its benefit.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Support more neutral district maps for the 2021 redistricting cycle
  • Advocate for an independent redistricting committee to keep districts fair and neutral



Sensible Gun Laws

I’m proud to be named an EveryTown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate.

Mass shootings have become far too common in the United States. The mass shooting that happened in El Paso last year was at the hands of someone from our district.

I believe in the Second Amendment, but I recognize the growing presence of gun violence means many in our own communities live in fear of what might happen when they go to the movies and send their kids to school. We must recognize that coming together to draft legislation that respects the Second Amendment by encouraging responsible ownership while making public safety a priority are not mutually exclusive goals, and if we can accomplish those goals, our communities win.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Fight for policies most Americans want: universal background checks, a ban on assault rifles, and limiting magazines to 10 rounds
  • Stand against any attempts to militarize our schools or put guns in classrooms
  • Require training, proper licensing, and liability insurance for firearm owner/operators
  • Expand red flag laws and promote greater access to mental health resources
  • Tax firearms and ammunitions and promote buyback programs


Ending Corruption

For years, Texas politics has been a playground for the rich. Corporate money floods the campaigns of elected representatives who look out for their corporate bankrollers instead of for the average Texan. We should all be concerned about the quid-pro-quo that’s taken over our legislature; just last year, Texas’ Speaker of the House was caught selling political favors to an independent group in exchange for that group targeting the speaker’s “enemies.” To make matters worse, HD 67’s incumbent representative was one of the speaker’s loudest defenders.

We need legislators who won’t engage in a system that treats politics as a game for political favor. That’s why I refuse all corporate PAC money, relying instead on the support of individuals who share my vision. As your representative, my only boss will be the people who elected me, and the interests of my constituents will be the only interests I represent.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Strengthen the power of the Texas Ethics Commission
  • Push for political contribution limitations so politicians can’t be bought by wealthy donors and powerful corporations
  • Faithfully represent the concerns of my constituents and reject any attempts to buy my support


LGBTQ+ Rights

Recent legislation in Texas has sought to further discriminate against a community of which I am a member: the LGBTQ+ community. Through bills like infamous “Bathroom Bill” or the innocuous-sounding “Religious Liberty” bill from last session, Texas has developed a reputation for intolerance. As Texans, we should be outraged because these bills do not reflect who we are. Across our state, proud LGBTQ+ Texans are living their lives like everyone else. They are integral members of nearly every community. It is a blemish on our great state that discriminatory policies are pushed repeatedly. We must stand up against them.

In addition to being discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ+ policies are bad for business. North Carolina’s bathroom bill is estimated to have cost the state $3.76 billion. Pushing these discriminatory policies is not only anti-Texan but will cause economic impacts we cannot even fully estimate yet.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Proudly stand against any legislation that seeks to discriminate against LGBTQ+ Texans
  • Prove Texas is the best place for businesses to invest their money and that their workers won’t be threatened by the discriminatory policies pushed by recent sessions of the legislature
  • Work toward a statewide anti-discrimination law while strengthening hate crime laws to protect ALL Texans


 Reproductive Healthcare

We must not allow a false narrative that further damages reproductive rights to continue. As a Democrat, I support life, and I support choice. Our laws should promote and safeguard Texans’ health by increasing our insurance coverage, not limiting our options. We must ensure access to the full range of reproductive healthcare, from contraception to abortion to prenatal and postpartum care. 


We cannot know all of the personal and medical circumstances that are behind someone’s decision to have an abortion. Once this decision has been made, our state should be ensuring access to safe, quality medical care, not imposing political beliefs. We should respect that the decision to become a parent is an individual person’s to make, with their doctor, family, and faith.

Let’s lead by stopping the attacks on Planned Parenthood, often the only option for people to receive screenings and medical services. We need to put people first. That’s our job as a state representative.

As your Legislator, I promise to:

  • Stand with Texans and fight to protect our rights and autonomy
  • Ensure access to a full range of pregnancy-related care, from contraception to post-partum care.
  • Trust young people and ensure their right to reproductive healthcare.
  • Focus on expanding access and affordability to healthcare facilities across Texas


Disability Rights

For years, I volunteered to work with children with special needs. I have a niece with a debilitating and rare seizure disorder. This firsthand experience has made me sensitive to the needs of this community. I’m so disappointed in the general lack of attention paid to people with disabilities, who encounter obstacles every day in nearly every aspect of their lives: to accessibility, to services, and to funding. When people speak of inclusivity, they often only remember socially or economically marginalized communities, overlooking the community of people living with disabilities. When I’m your legislator, I will never overlook this community that I’ve worked alongside for much of my life.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Work to ensure programs and policies are crafted and implemented with true inclusivity in mind
  • Advocate for legislation that positively supports people with disabilities
  • Increase funding and access to services


Voting Rights

Voting is the foundation of our democracy, but the Texas Legislature has done whatever possible to restrict this fundamental right. One of my first forays into Democratic activism was working election security while in college, and I know our votes are our voice. We must protect our voting rights and get rid of practices that discourage voting or make it unnecessarily difficult.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Implement automatic voter registration and advocate for same-day voter registration
  • Allow minors who will be 18 at the time of the general election to vote in primaries
  • Allow everyone to use Vote by Mail
  • Fight restrictive voter ID laws  


Property Taxes

As a real estate agent, I’ve seen the very real concerns many homeowners and prospective homeowners have about expensive property tax bills, with which Texas homeowners are increasingly burdened. Ensuring homeowners can afford to stay in their homes is the duty of our state legislators.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Support meaningful legislation to reduce property tax bills
  • Push for appraisals that are averaged out over 5 years, lowering the hidden half of property tax costs
  • Advocate for a broader freeze on property tax valuations for seniors, preventing them from being unfairly pushed out of their homes
  • Ensure commercial properties pay taxes at a rate even with that paid by homeowners 



I’m a first-generation American. My mother came here as a teenager to make a better life for herself and her future family. Through her hard work and sacrifices, my sister and myself were able to participate in the American Dream – a dream for which my entire family worked hard to achieve.

As a Texan, I’m embarrassed to see my state’s complicity in the atrocities happening at our southern border. In the last session, the Texas Legislature passed a budget with a staggering $800 million for border control, in addition to Gov. Abbott’s commitment to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the border. These measures are unnecessary, and this funding is needed for other critical needs.

As your representative, I promise to:

  • Fight against expanding state funding for border security
  • Work hard to ensure Texas does not continue to contribute to the atrocities carried out by the federal government on our border
  • Craft and support policy that aligns with our values as a diverse, multicultural state
  • Protect our Rainy Day Fund for use where it’s really needed: disasters like hurricanes, not discriminatory, anti-immigration policies