Flip Texas

Lorenzo Sanchez For House District 67 MapHouse District 67 is one of the top 5 most competitive races in the entire state of Texas. In 2018, House District 67 became one of the most competitive races in the entire state, with a margin of roughly 2.5% between the Democrat and the three-time Republican incumbent. To win this race, we're going to need a grassroots campaign that is completely unprecedented in the district. The good news is, Lorenzo Sanchez is up to the task. He can't do it alone, though. He needs your help!

Why is this race so important? The state legislature will be redrawing district maps in 2021, and we need 9 seats to ensure Democrats have equal say in the new drawing of the maps. If we don't win the seats, Republicans will have complete power to redraw their own maps and continue their unchecked power across the state for decades. Ensuring a Democratic win means a more fair and balanced drawing of district maps so voters can choose their elected officials, instead of them selecting their voters. 

Join us and let's win House District 67 and help flip Texas in 2020!