Community First

Lorenzo has a deep history of involvement, giving back, and standing up for people in his community has given Lorenzo firsthand experience as an advocate and a unique perspective on the challenges faced by a diverse cross-section of Texans. From working with kids with disabilities and raising funds for the economically disadvantaged as a young man to his current involvement in business- and community-oriented organizations, Lorenzo has earned every bit of his record as a strong and proactive leader across the district, state, and nation.

Lorenzo's desire and ability to work hard and give back to the community has never been more evident than amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, instead of asking for votes, he shifted his campaign into a community check-in, ensuring everyone knew their options during this time of unforeseen hardship. He's put his efforts into feeding those in need and ensuring the availability of drive-thru testing by partnering with EveryoneEatz and WellHealth. Through weekly town halls, Lorenzo updated the community and connected people with medical professionals. He organized an economic discussion with local business leaders about the road to financial recovery and how small businesses can revitalize our economy. Instead of playing politics with our health and the economy during this pandemic, Lorenzo continues to be focused on taking action and moving Texas forward.

He has passion for the issues, but most importantly, he is deeply passionate about people, family, and the community he grew up in. He sees the same opportunities his mother sacrificed for him to have become less accessible to the average Texan under the “leadership” of career politicians who put their own interests above those of the people they’re supposed to represent.

In 2022, Lorenzo hopes to finish what he started in 2020. With your help we can begin to Move Texas Forward. Ready to get involved? Please sign-up to volunteer, make a donation, or both, today!