Lorenzo Sanchez - 2020 Democratic Nominee in Collin County

After a hotly contested 2020 Democratic primary, Lorenzo Sanchez was the winner and Democratic nominee for Texas House District 67.  After the redistricting maps were drawn for 2022, Lorenzo Sanchez is excited to be in the newly formed Texas House District 70, which covers much of the same area his 2020 campaign and the community he grew up in.

In 2020, Lorenzo proved his leadership was the right choice by inspiring hundreds of volunteers to get involved in local politics for the first time. He also received thousands of individual donations to his campaign, while refusing the influence of corporate money. This resulted in Lorenzo For Texas being one of the most competitive campaigns in the 2020 election cycle in the entire state of Texas.

Now, with your help, he wants to finish the job in 2022.

The reality is, the Republican trend of disastrous policy-making in Texas starts right here in Collin County. We have now seen the impacts of these policies in real time, and our electrical grid failures are just one example.  Now, the Republican Party is trying to further remove local control by attempting to strip the power from our local control from our schools, continuing a trend of anti-education. 

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Sanchez has been leading on issues facing the community while our current representative has been playing political chess with little regard to our daily lives. Lorenzo was the right choice in 2020, and he is the right choice for 2022. He continues to engage voters, community leaders, medical professionals, teachers and business owners across Collin County and Texas. 

Lorenzo believes in coalition-building because he knows by lifting everyone, we all rise. We are truly stronger together, and we can do amazing things when we put our differences aside and focus on common goals. 

Let’s work together to take our state back to common sense and decency. Protect our rights and our lives by voting for Lorenzo Sanchez to be your 2022 Democratic Nominee.

Lorenzo's story is that of the American Dream:

A first-generation Mexican American, raised by a single mother right here in this district and educated in our public schools, he is a proud Carpenter Cowboy and Plano East Panther, who worked hard to become the owner of a successful small business. 

Lorenzo’s values spring from the lessons he learned from observing his mother, who worked two jobs to support her family and made sacrifices to give her children the opportunities she never had. The example she set inspired him to be the voice of hard-working Texans as their elected representative.

Lorenzo is running for Texas State Representative to ensure that the people in our community – and across Texas, have a representative who will finally give everyone a voice in Austin.