Latino Victory Project Collin County Young Democrats - Lorenzo Sanchez For Texas House District 67 Endorsement

Lorenzo’s story is that of the American Dream: A first-generation Mexican American, raised by a single mother right here in this district and educated in our public schools, who worked hard to become the owner of a small business. If elected, Lorenzo will be the only openly LGBTQ+ man in the Texas Legislature and the first Latino from Collin County ever elected to the state legislature.

Lorenzo’s values spring from the lessons he learned from observing his mother, who worked two jobs to support her family and made sacrifices to give her children the opportunities she never had. The example she set inspired him to be the voice of hard-working Texans as their elected representative. 

A deep history of involvement, giving back, and standing up for people in his community has given Lorenzo firsthand experience as an advocate and a unique perspective on the challenges faced by a diverse cross-section of Texans. From working with kids with disabilities and raising funds for the economically disadvantaged as a young man to his current involvement in business- and community-oriented organizations, Lorenzo has earned every bit of his record as a strong and proactive leader across the district, state, and nation. 

After graduating from the nationally ranked Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago in 2010, Lorenzo returned home to be with his family in Plano. He is a small business owner in the realty industry and has been a member of The Associate Leadership Council with Keller Williams since 2017.

Lorenzo worked for the City of Denver’s Department of Excise and Licensing, helping coordinate all types of licensing - one of Denver’s most significant revenue sources. He worked alongside the City’s attorneys in crafting city ordinances so they could both ensure public safety and be reasonable for businesses to implement. This experience made Lorenzo well-versed in helping public agencies promote a healthy business culture. In 2018, Lorenzo dialed back his realty business to volunteer for Democratic candidates running in his community. 

Lorenzo's desire and ability to work hard and give back to the community has never been more evident than amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of asking for votes, he’s shifted his campaign into a community check-in, ensuring everyone knows their options during this time of unforeseen hardship. He's put his efforts into feeding those in need and ensuring the availability of drive-thru testing by partnering with EveryoneEatz and WellHealth. Through weekly town halls, Lorenzo updates the community and connects people with medical professionals. He organized an economic discussion with local business leaders about the road to financial recovery and how small businesses can revitalize our economy. Instead of playing politics with our health and the economy during this pandemic, Lorenzo's been laser-focused on taking action.

Through it all, Lorenzo has remained steadfast in his desire to make HD 67 and Collin County competitive. He has passion for the issues, but most importantly, he is deeply passionate about people, family, and the community he grew up in. He sees the same opportunities his mother sacrificed for him to have become less accessible to the average Texan under the “leadership” of career politicians who put their own interests above those of the people they’re supposed to represent.

Lorenzo’s running to be the leader the people need now more than ever – a leader who will fight for his community and his fellow Texans.

More about Lorenzo

Leadership Roles

  • Associate Leadership Council, Keller Williams
  • Lead Trainer, Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Subsidiary
  • President, AKPsi - Co-Ed Business Fraternity
  • Marketing Director, AKPsi
  • Fundraising Committee Chair,  AKPsi

Awards & Achievements

  • 2009-2010 President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Loyola University Chicago, Philanthropy Award
  • 2009-2010 President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Loyola University Chicago, Number 1 Chapter Award
  • 2010 Recipient, Loyola University Chicago, Diversity Achievement Award
  • 2017 to present Member, Associate Leadership Council
  • 2018 Recipient, Keller Williams Realty Dallas Preston Road, Bronze Achievement
  • 2019 Recipient, Keller Williams Realty Dallas Preston Road, Bronze Achievement