Lorenzo Sanchez for Texas Representative House District 67Lorenzo’s story is that of the “American Dream.” A story of hard work, family, community, a good education and working his way up to be the owner of a flourishing small business. Lorenzo is a first-generation Mexican American, proud Carpenter Cowboy, and Plano East Panther. He graduated from the nationally ranked Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago in 2010, then moved back home to Plano to be with his family.  He is a residential real estate agent with Keller Williams. 

One of the many reasons Lorenzo is running to be the Democratic Nominee, and next state representative for Texas House District 67, is because he recognizes the same opportunities his mother sacrificed so much for him to have are becoming less accessible to the average Texan. It is time we elect a leader who is willing to fight for the whole community and stand up to career politicians who put their own careers above every day Texans. Lorenzo Sanchez is the right candidate at the right time. Join our grassroots campaign today!

Lorenzo Sanchez for Texas Representative House District 67 photo as a kidLorenzo’s values are centered around the lessons he learned from the struggles of his upbringing and those of his mother. She left Mexico for the United States at the age of 13 with her younger brother, in search of her family and for a better life. Lorenzo’s mother raised him and his sister alone, tirelessly working two jobs and, at times, going hungry to make sure her children ate.

Through his mother’s many sacrifices, Lorenzo learned that working hard can pay off and that getting a good education is crucial. This is, in part, why Lorenzo is so passionate about his family, the community he grew up in and getting a good education. 

As a young teenager, Lorenzo worked hard to help his mother sort out his family’s financial difficulties. Even with two jobs she was struggling to make ends meet, an issue that is all too common for many families working hard across House District 67 and Texas today. Despite the financial pressures always lingering in his mind, Lorenzo always maintained an infectious positive energy, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to help people.  

At 12, Lorenzo started his first job after befriending the owners of a holiday snack stand at the mall. Getting his mother onboard took some convincing, but she ultimately agreed to let Lorenzo work two hours every weekend, bagging items and handing back change. In exchange, they gifted him with a package of cinnamon roasted almonds. At 15, Lorenzo mirrored his mother’s work ethic, working two jobs at a time while attending Plano East. He held jobs as a server at an assisted living facility center and stocker at a grocery store, among other positions.


Early Education and College

Lorenzo going to schoolLorenzo was raised in Plano and attended Carpenter middle school. Later, Lorenzo graduated from Plano East. In truth, Lorenzo’s political career began when he was elected president of his fourth-grade class to ensure his grade “had a voice when deciding which sport” the school would add. He then rolled out a school savings account where they could store their allowance. In 7thgrade, Lorenzo chose to work with children with developmental disabilities as his elective course.

After high school, Lorenzo attended Loyola University Chicago, a Jesuit Catholic University recognized worldwide for its mission to increase knowledge in the service of humanity through education. While attending Loyola, Lorenzo became involved in the local community where he continued to volunteer as an aide and advocate for children with disabilities. He became involved in multiple student organizations and was elected as President of Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest co-ed business fraternity in the nation.

Under his leadership, AKPsi went from a low-ranked and underperforming chapter to being the number one chapter in the country. In addition to leadership positions, Lorenzo was recognized for outstanding achievements, earning various awards and honors for his dedication and community involvement. 

Most notably, Lorenzo received an award for Philanthropy when he helped start a neighborhood school cleanup and created a student banquet that would raise funds that would be given to families in extreme need for Christmas. One of the most important lessons Loyola taught him is the responsibility to be an unyielding champion for the disadvantaged and voiceless. After graduating, Lorenzo returned home to Plano to be with his family.

Leadership Roles

Lorenzo has a proven record of leadership. He has been involved in many business and community oriented organizations, demonstrating both, his ability to work hard and his desire to give back to the community.

Associate Leadership Council, Keller Williams

Lead Trainer, Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Subsidiary

President, AKPsi - Co-Ed Business Fraternity

Marketing Director, AKPsi

Fundraising Committee Chair,  AKPsi

Awards and Achievements

Lorenzo's received numerous awards and recognition for philanthropy, acknowledgements for his hard work, and successful business. 

2009-2010 President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Loyola University Chicago, Philanthropy Award
2009-2010 President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Loyola University Chicago, Number 1 Chapter Award
2010 Recipient, Loyola University Chicago, Diversity Achievement Award
2017 to present Member, Associate Leadership Council
2018 Recipient, Keller Williams Realty Dallas Preston Road, Bronze Achievement
2019 Recipient, Keller Williams Realty Dallas Preston Road, Mid-Year Awards, Certificate of Excellence for Closed Volume Increase Year over Year

Democratic Activism

Lorenzo Sanchez has been helping Democrats for years. While attending college he assisted with security for elections. After the 2016 elections, he was spurred into action once again, helping candidates in the 2017 city council races, as well as the 2018 State and Congressional races in Collin County. He's remained steadfast in his desire to help make Collin County a competitive district in the state of Texas, despite the pundits saying it couldn't be done. 

Through Lorenzo's passionate work he has personally helped change the hearts and minds of many disengaged voters to get involved in the political process. He has passion for the issues, but most importantly, he is deeply passionate about people, his family, and the community he grew up in. 

He is dedicated to run the most robust campaign House District 67 has ever seen. That means he will be out there talking with voters every single day. But, he can't do it alone. He needs YOU. Join the movement. 

Early Childhood