We made the RUNOFF! Vote AGAIN - July 14th!
Early Vote - June 29th - July 10th!

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Democratic primary run-off - Early vote - June 29th - July 10th - Election day - July 14th.

Why support Lorenzo Sanchez for Texas House District 67? 

Lorenzo is running for Texas State Representative in House District 67 to ensure that the people in our community – and across Texas, have a representative who will finally give them a voice in Austin! Lorenzo is a first-generation Mexican American who was raised in Collin County. His mother's endless sacrifices opened doors to opportunity, turning the proud Plano East Panther into a successful small business owner. His history of servant leadership reflects the teachings of his upbringing, and he will fight for everyone in the Texas Legislature. With your help, we can win House District 67 and elect the first Latino and first Democrat to represent our community.

In 2020, Texas will be ground zero in the fight to take back our politics. There is going to be a lot of noise we need to cut through, but we know our incredible grassroots movement can take this seat! The path to turning Texas Blue lies directly through House District 67.